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Our World. Healthier.

Meet David Nico


Make Our World Healthier.


Passionate about influencing our culture of everyday people who are serious about making healthier lifestyle choices.


Our World. Healthier.

Imagine a world where the healthiest choices are readily available to everyone, everywhere.


David is a health communicator, coach, and international personality for well-being who will inspire your group.


David Nico is the creator of the Dr. Healthnut media and edutainment identity, brand, and icon.


With multi-discplinary experience in business, technology, health, medicine, and media, Nico is a trusted advisor to leaders, health professionals, and organizations.


David inspires leaders and visionaries to meet their goals. His #1 Amazon bestselling book Diet Diagnosis is a “one-stop-doc” comprehensive guidebook to well-being highlighting the latest trends in diet and nutrition. David earned a Ph.D. in holistic nutrition and is a certified wellness coach. He holds a Master’s degree in entrepreneurship and e-business, where he also completed advanced Doctoral training in leadership studies. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and exercise science and studied health, psychology, and business.

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